jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012


I have been a bit without making a post but I'm going to compensate it somehow...

I don't know in what laguage talk or write anymore (I'm in an Erasmus on France and I'm spanish but each day there is someone that speaks to me in english), so I'm starting in English today.

Yesterday I went to a concert of Alternative music. I didn't knew it was alternative I just read saxofone, jazz and tango and I said, okey a good place to sketch and listen to something cool.

So I went there I arrived an hour early because the time was wrong in the newspaper and I said, perfect!! this way I can actually draw something before everything gets black.

The place was very cool with lots of sticks everywhere and discs for decorations.
Then music began and everything was dark, and the drawings began to be a bit more abstract. It was a really strange kind of music made with noises, nothing melodic. And as I couldn't see anything these are the results.